art design & production program by Two River Art Foundation

In February, 2010 the Two River Art Foundation in collaboration with Art & Hammer Inc. has launched the "Life Is Art" program aimed
to sign international artists seeking to conduct hands-on involvement in the variety of art related projects in the fieldsof construction,
landscaping, publishing, theatre, etc, in US and abroad.

"Life Is Art" serves as a communication center as well as an art presentation showroom to introduce our artists and their artworks to concerned clients.
We own the biggest museum grade presentation building in Red Bank, USA – the cultural and historical centre of the US Atlantic Coast,
located in 30 min driving distance from New York City. Besides self-maintained shows, we also conduct periodical guest presentations in the
galleries and museums worldwide. We have already represented more than 50 art producers from around the globe.

In accordance with the diverse and dynamically changing demand we select the matching artwork producers working in various
techniques to provide cost effective turn-key art solution to our clients:
• museum grade artworks supply
• custom artwork production
• on-site artwork production at the client premises
• free showroom space for art presentations and shows
• consulting services in the field of fine arts

The art related institution or organization interested in registering their members and/or affiliated artists with the "Life Is Art" selection board
may send an email to, or contact your regional program director. The following information shall be provided for each
registering candidate: first and last name, full postal address, professional CV/resume, as well as available artwork presentation materials
e.g. brochures, booklets, artwork photographs, web site. All registration materials must be submitted before April 25, 2011.

All qualified candidates will be issued a Program Qualification Certificate, as well as the general business invitation to United States in order
to obtain a B1 US entry visa required to attend a presentation show. The qualified candidate will be also asked to provide
up to 3 original artworks to be presented on the show. Please contact our regional representative to arrange transportation of the artworks

For all program related issues please contact us, as follows:


Anatoly TKACH
program director

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